Re-Envisioning Offshore Platforms

Envision a future for aquanauts to be as excited about ocean exploration as space

Thank you for coming tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming Bob Evans back to speak. As we know he’s a world-class photographer and an accomplished scuba diver. He’s made over 5000 dives, 850 of them documenting the scenes below the offshore oil platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel. You have seen the result of those expeditions in the Exhibit he has called Marine Megatropolis.

Tonight he will take the concept of Marine Megatropolis a step further.

Imagine living and working offshore in a one atmospheric pressure habitat located within the structure of what is today an oil platform. You would be known as an Aquanaut.

Join Bob Evans re-envisioning the future where we are as excited about ocean exploration as we are about space. Learn how the tools for realizing that vision exist now. Let’s give a hand to Bob Evans….