An Excellent Read, or Listen

Oil Rigs Are a Refuge in a Dying Sea by Sasha Chapman, Hakai Magazine

Hakai Magazine explores science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective. Offshore Santa Barbara gives plenty of feedstock on these issues. It is rare to find discussion and literary execution of these issues in a fun-to-read style as Oil Rigs Are a Refuge in a Dying Sea by Sasha Chapman. Be sure to read or listen through to the final paragraph. Sasha Chapman sums things up epically.

marine life, offshore oil platforms
Marine ecosystem of Platform Hondo, Santa Ynez Unit (SYU), Exxon Mobil, Santa Barbara Offshore. Photo by Bob Evans

Informative, accurate, but with a rhythm that can hold a child’s interest. Journalist Sasha Chapman does not over-simplify. On the contrary, her tale is comprehensive compelling without any loss in the complexity of the issues covered. It is her style and tone that are refreshing. 

Sophisticated yet light in a way that acknowledges that we and the marine life are part of a legend in the making.

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Let this story have a happy conclusion.

Bob Evans Photographed by Andrew J. McMullen. Sitting on Cross Beam of Platform Hazel. Hazel was decommissioned in 1997. 1000 tons of marine life were taken to a landfill.