Marine Megatropolis – Cast

Bob Evans, Underwater Photographer, Marine Megatropolis Photographer
Photographer Bob Evans on newly cleaned cross beam of Offshore Oil Platform Hazel (Decommissioned) 30 feet Photo by Andrew J. McMullen
andrew j. mcmullen, platform a
Andrew (Andy) J. McMullen (1951-2013) Partner, La Mer Bleu Productions, Offshore Oil Platform A in Background
Erica Murray, Photographic Dive Team Member, Strawberry Anemone, Offshore Oil Plaform Hilda (Decommissioned)
John Hodges, Photographic Dive Team Member Sitting in Cabin of Vessel Haik, Making Log Book Entries
Richard (Rick) W. Williams of The Mussel Company on deck of Research Vessel Haik with Harvest from Platform Hilda (Decommissioned)
Frank Hester, Ph.D., (1933-2012) Marine Fisheries Expert and Captain of Rescue Vessel Oscar Tybring
DI Bolding, Public Relations Manager, Exxon, who gave us a 3-year contract to document the marine eco-system as it developed beneath Platform Hondo
John Herring, Production Manager, Chevron USA, who was the first to give us permission to dive beneath Platform Hilda.
Linda Palmer, Environmental Engineer, Chevron USA
Vic Cox, Journalist, reported on the adventure and collaborated on Man-Made Oasis for the Cabrillo Marine Museum of Los Angeles County
Hillary Hauser, Cabezon, Platform Holly
Hillary Hauser , Writer who colloborated on articles and books
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